HOW TO – promote your tango school with Radio stations

Author: Gina Nolan


Promoting your tango classes and milongas on radio stations can have a real impact on your attendance. No experience in doing so? No worries, here are the steps involved in approaching local radio stations.

Step 1

Identify your local radio station. Use websites (such as or apps (such as Radio Garden). View your local radio station website. Locate contact details (such as email and telephone number). Phone the radio station receptionist to identify a named person to send a Press Release.

Step 2

WRITE AND SEND a Press Release. This should be:
factual (what, why, where, when, how)
timely (several weeks prior to your event)
short (no more than one page)
concise (only a few paragraphs)
♦ The aim is for your Press Release to grab attention, and for a relevant radio person to respond to you to ask for more details.

Click here to download an example of a press release, what to include in it, and how to format it:

Step 3

Be prepared for a call from the radio station. Be enthusiastic when contacted, ask for contact name AND the person’s direct telephone number. Be prepared to negotiate a time for an interview (whether on the phone or in the studio).

Think about 3 factual points you want to get across. Any a short story or example of what the event or Argentine Tango is. Think about whether you prefer for a “pre-recorded” interview, or a “live interview”.

Do a little research about the type of programme that has invited you. And about how long the “interview slot” is timed for.

Good luck!



Disclaimer: this is the understanding we have at this time of the situation, but we ask you to always double check with government guidelines and form an opinion yourself. The UKATA cannot be help responsible for erroneous understanding of these guidelines.

The Government’s recent publication of a roadmap out of lockdown has given us optimism that by the summer we could see a resumption of the tango classes and milongas we love so much. NOTE: different rules and timelines may apply for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.

The Government’s  4 step plan gives “no sooner than” dates for what activities can resume when.

Group Tango Classes
We understand that dance schools can reopen in Step 3 as part of “adult indoor exercise classes” – no earlier than 17 May (and at least 5 weeks after Step 2). Please see the advice from the Royal Academy of Dance.

COVID-Secure guidance will remain in place (social distancing, hand hygiene, ventilation) and premises must not cater for groups larger than the legal limits.

Step 4 which will take place no earlier than 21 June, and at least five weeks after Step 3 will remove all legal limits on social contact but will include guidance on how best to reduce the risk of transmission and protect ourselves and our loved ones. We anticipate that at this time social tango with close embrace can resume.

It takes around four weeks for the data to reflect the impact of each previous step and the Government will provide a further week’s notice to individuals and businesses before making changes. The roadmap sets out indicative, “no earlier than” dates for the steps which are five weeks apart. These dates are wholly contingent on the data and are subject to change. But let’s hope all goes to plan!

At Step 3, the Government will look to further ease limits on social contact, enabling the public to make informed personal decisions. It will be important for people to consider the risks for themselves, considering whether they and those they meet have been vaccinated or are at greater risk. This will be important for all of us organising tango classes and events and for those participating.