Major Tango Events

This list is designed for Tango Professionals to inform other pros about their upcoming plans of Major Tango Events, so we can avoid clashing by being informed in advance.

What is a Major Tango Event? Typically a one-off event you would need a long time to plan for, that would attract 150+ participants and for which tango dancers would travel for, from afar. It can include repeated events IF they are very seldom, e.g. twice a year.

E.g.: Festival, Encuentro, Annual Ball, major one-off tango concert with musicians traveling from abroad for the occasion, or Milonga in a very special place.

DO NOT INCLUDE: weekly or regular events and classes or events that are likely to be interesting only to the local community.

Note: listing an event is not a ‘booking’ of a date, it is still at the discretion of each organiser to use whichever dates they see fit.

Take a look at the list below, alternatively to ADD a new event, click here (opens a new tab). Please do not delete existing events.